Welcome to Soul Power Yoga! Life is complicated, stressful and busy. Here at Soul Power Yoga, our community is supportive and welcoming, making your yoga experience personalized and accessible for your level and busy schedule.

Soul Power Yoga is a vinyasa studio. Vinyasa translates to “breath synchronized movement”. Often referred to as Flow Classes, this style builds endurance, muscle tone and core strength, increases lung capacity and provides mental relaxation through guided meditation.

For Adults, we offer a wide range of Vinyasa classes from Level 1: Intro to Flow to Level 3: Advanced Power Yoga. This allows you to safely grow your practice and offers options to sustain your practice as your body, mind and spirit needs evolve.For Kids &Tweens, classes begin at age 5 with the focus on healthy body image, building concentration & focus, and promoting strength plus flexibility.Our PreNatal & Mommy-n-Me classes are personalized to your growing needs, offers a supportive community of parents, and bonding with your child through unique poses of strength and relaxation.

Get ready for a road of total transformation through these innovative and inspiring classes, workshops & events for all ages and levels!