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Regardless of your age, level, strength or flexibilty yoga truly is for everybody.  We understand that starting yoga can be scary.  At SOUL POWER YOGA, you will find exciting classes, a welcoming environment and experienced teachers to guide you each step of the way in every class!

Brand New to Yoga
Some Yoga Experience Yoga Experience Required

Soul Power Yoga Basics

Happy Hips Hour

SPY Flow & Let Go

Pure Heat Basics

Chakra Focus Flow

Pure Heat

Detox Flow

CoreSculpt Power Yoga

Soul Power Yoga

*these classes are advanced*




Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your class and experience with us is smooth and zen!  

1.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to class when classes are back to back and 30 minutes prior for all other classes.  New Students please arrive 15 minutes prior to class.  Doors lock promptly at class start - latecomers cannot be accomodated. 

2.  No Pre-Registration Necessary unless attending Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Beginners Series or any Workshop.  You do not need to call ahead or pre-register to attend any of our classes.  Walk-ins are welcome to classes marked as All Levels.  AmazonLocal new students please bring your voucher as well as a photo ID to activate.  Please read the voucher to select appropriate class to attend. 

3.  Wear loose comfortable clothing, as in the gym.  Bring a yoga mat, towel and water (towel and mat can be rented). 

4.  We cannot be responsible for any lost items or stolen items and encourage you to leave valuables at home.  We provide cubbies for your shoes, cell-phones and keys while you attend class.  Yoga is practiced barefoot.  We do have space to change for those arriving after work. 

5.  It is recommended to practice on a light stomach so try not to eat a heavy meal/snack 2 hours prior to class.  Please come well hydrated.

6.  No talking please in the studio room before, during or after class. Feel free to enjoy your conversations in our Lounge. Please do not leave during meditation or relaxation at the end of class as it is disruptful to those in class. 

7.  Please do share with your instructor about any injuries, pregnancies, returning from surgery, delivery etc, previous conditions or any feedback about class.  This dialogue is very important for safely guiding you in class and recommended appropriate class styles.  It is how we learn more about your needs and better serve them next class.

8.  Honor the needs and boundaries of your body.  Yoga is non-competitive.  We inspire each other by doing our personal best.  Do not feel pressure you have to do every pose.  Listen to your body and take breaks as needed.

9.  Most of all, come with an open mind and a willingness to embrace a new experience.

Thank you for sharing your practice with Soul Power Yoga. 

Get ready for a truly unique body, mind and spirit experience.

Don’t see a class and/or time you would like?

Send us your suggestions at soulpoweryoga@gmail.com




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