We offer 3 Day and 7 Day Detox Cleanses in the Fall and Spring

Following Ayurvedic principles, safely cleanse over 3 or 5 days to reset and rejuvenate your body while still being able to participate in your normal work or daily routine.

The goals of each cleanse is to help you detox major organs (including the liver, pancreas, intestines, colon), increase energy, kick start your digestive fire and feel more alert & present.

Allow yourself to give your body a break from unhealthy eating habits, create new holistic eating and daily routines plus feel more energized by the end of the 3 days!

Soul Power Yoga Detox Cleanses are great for those looking to begin cleansing and a favorite go to option for those who regularly cleanse.

Join Us for our one of our detox cleanses.

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