Prenatal Yogaspy-prenatal-yoga

Prenatal Yoga is safe addition to encourage a healthy pregnancy and delivery. In a class devoted to moms-to-be, build a community of new friends while alleviating prenatal discomfort. Class works on increasing blood flow to the pelvic floor, release lower back discomfort, increase lung capacity and strengthen meditation/focus.

Our goal is to mold postures to your body as your pregnancy develops and make you feel empowered and comfortable in your changing body while spending quality bonding time with your baby.

Postnatal Yoga (12 weeks to crawlers)

Postnatal Yoga is a wonderful time to connect with a community of moms/dads, introduce yoga to your little one while taking a class to get back to your well-being in a baby friendly setting.

Starting at 12 weeks up until 24 months, these classes encourage healthy digestion with baby massage, fun ways to incorporate tummy time, promote body awareness and healthy movement for your baby. For you, enjoy lengthening your back, releasing your hips and building core & spine strength while bonding with your baby.

Toddler Yoga (walkers – 3 years +adult)

Now that the little ones are toddlers, this class is about adventure & exploration! Let’s encourage healthy activity in a toddler friendly class with sitting, jumping, standing, walking but also begin to learning poses geared for a toddler to learn about strength, concentration and their bodies. This fun interactive class allows kids to learn at their own pace so they feel empowered, build trust between parent u0026amp; child and build strength u0026amp; flexibility.

Parent & Me Yoga (ages 3-5 years-old + adult)

toddler yogaEnjoy an interactive class for parents/caregivers and children ages 3-5 years-old in which we focus on a more structured class (while still having fun with games, music, partner poses, yoga and breathing exercises) preparing the children for kid’s yoga as well as truly enjoying the bond between parent/caregivers and children.

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