Outdoor Yoga

Practicing in the outdoors offers a much welcomed change in scenery and connection to nature.  While indoors we leverage soothing music and essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere, outdoors we can bask in the beauty of nature. The outdoors offers an inspiring backdrop as well as many health benefits for both the regular practitioner as well as those looking to create or get back into a routine.

Why try to create a natural setting indoors when you can add a dynamic dimension to your practice with the real thing?

Strengthen your practice of concentration, enhance your breathing practice and connect to a deeper experience of stillness through outdoor yoga.  Create your own small group pod or join an existing group.  Reclaim your body, mind and soul through the healing benefits of yoga outdoors.

Classes are being scheduled for:

Email soulpoweryoga@gmail.com for personalized availability or information on One on One Private Sessions 


Social distancing will be practiced and no hands on adjustments will be offered.  Please plan to bring your own props, towels and water. 

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