RYS 300

Recently, Yoga Alliance revised their standards to allow for online certification through 2023.  This means our private personalized teacher training can be attended safely from your home virtually and still allow you to register with Yoga Alliance upon graduation.

RYS300 - 17 weeks

Sundays: 10am -12pm EST
February 6 to May 15

Wednesdays: 7-9pm EST
June 1 to October 5


RYS 300 - Program Description & Promise

Are you ready to step into a leadership role as a yoga educator and thought leader?  This is your opportunity to command impactful workshops, continuing education and training.  

Learn how to command in person and online teaching by:

The 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is open to those who have completed Soul Power Yoga Embrace Your Power 200 hour YTT or an equivalent 200 hour program and is broken into the following modules

RYS 300hr Training Modules
  • Pranayama: More than just Basic Breathing
  • Advanced Asana
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • Teaching Methodology as a Lead Instructor
  • Creative and Impactful Sequencing 
  • Art of Verbal and Hands-on Experienced Adjustments
  • Enhanced Teaching Skills
  • Own your Worth: Breakdown Blockages of Growth
  • Deeper Understanding & Application of Ayurveda
  • Modern and Real World Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics
  • Practice Teaching: How to Command the Room

Why Train With Soul Power?

Let’s be honest, the yoga industry is saturated with yoga teachers.  To truly stand out, command the room and create meaningful impactful requires refinement of your craft.


Soul Power 300hr Training Program is for the lifelong learner seeking to elevate their body, mind and spirit.  Through small focused training groups, you get committed teachers coaching, educating and mentoring your growth.  Never feel intimidated by a large training group or overwhelmed by long training days. 


Our 300 hour program is way beyond a yoga education.  It takes the experience to a new level of personal evolution allowing you to create powerful transformation in your personal and professional life.

Become a credible, impactful yoga teacher & thought leader by refining your craft from an experienced team of yoga teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience and a Board Certified Physician.


Own Your Power Teach as a Lead Teacher
Deeper Understanding of Ayurveda
Creative Sequencing
Your Teaching Team

Your team of teachers are E-RYT500 teachers with over 20 years experience of teaching yoga classes, workshops, retreats, continuing education & teacher training in person and online.  Before Instagram and social media, they built their careers via grassroot efforts and moonlighted yoga careers while juggling corporate careers.  Anatomy is led by a Board Certified Physician giving you extensive and comprehensive understanding of how to safely move the body.

Benefits of Online training

Life is complicated even without COVID. Right now, we are all juggling many parts of our lives all from home. As mothers, educators and yoga teachers we completely relate. That is why you will LOVE this program. You can fit in sessions around your schedule. It is easy and flexible to seamlessly work with your busy life right now and not years from now. You will get full access to online course materials, a comprehensive training manual and 24/7 access to your trainers.

Teacher Training Timeline

Our goal is for you to complete the training over 20 weeks. If you need more time, let’s talk about a private Independent Study program. We are present for you every step of the way and committed to your education.

Program Pre-Requisites & Who Should Join

Our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program is open to those who have completed Soul Power Yoga Embrace Your Power 200 hour YTT or an equivalent 200 hour program.

You do not have to be practicing for a certain number of years or be able to do certain poses to join our program.

Our program is also ideal for those who are: 

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RYS 300 Waitlist

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