4 Signs you are ready for a RYS Teacher Program


  1. You WANT MORE!  Is this you? At the end of yoga class you are seeking more conversation and knowledge about asana, philosophy, meditation – any and all things yoga related! YTT (yoga teacher training) is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge
  2. Looking for a deeper sense of self  The pandemic has left many of us with questions about what is working and what is not in our lives.  YTT is an opportunity for a body, mind and soul reset & reboot!
  3. Sharing yoga is your pass time!  Are you the person inviting everyone to start doing yoga or meditation? Become a credible resource for your friends and family to start yoga. 
  4. Your life has changed from the practice.This one hits home for us!  Thriving through chronic illness, leaving corporate America, finding our identity in motherhood and moving through lifes ups and downs has been possible with a consistent yoga practice.

Soul Power Yoga trainings are flexible to manage with your busy life, comprehensive and prepare you to reinvent your practice plus lead successful classes online, in person and in any way you can imagine.  Your training and education matter in giving you the tools for maintaining longevity in your career!

with soul and power,
Cristal and Pooja
Founders, Soul Power Yoga

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