Questions to ask when picking a yoga teacher training


With thousands of RYS200 programs in the USA alone plus the growing number of programs in exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Goa, Bali or Venezuela – how do you choose the right program?

Google? Ask some fellow students after savasana?  Pick your favorite yoga teacher’s brain after class? Indeed with no two yoga schools having the same curriculum, sometimes the decision of which school to attend can be more daunting than the decision to start your RYS200 Teacher Training Certification (TTC). Think back to when you may have been in a similar situation senior year of college.  Just like colleges and universities across the country, yoga schools are left to frame their curriculum, reading requirements and deliverables as they see fit in line with their studio culture and chosen areas of focus.  There is no mandate that all schools have the same exercises or reading list.  Yoga Alliance provides a framework of expectations and reviews each school’s detailed curriculum to meet these parameters. This variation in school focus, coupled with the glaring fact that most programs demand a significant time commitment and financial responsibility, is warranted to sit down and get clear about your TTC intentions.

  1. What are your goals for this program: advanced studies or teaching?Many programs now also market their program as an advanced studies program.  Some yoga practitioners are interested in a deep dive into yoga studies but may not carry a desire to teach.If you carry a strong desire to teach and enroll in a program more focused on advanced studies, you may never get practice teaching time during training.
  2. What style will you be trained in to teach?  What about this program will make you versatile in this style?
  3. What is the student to teacher ratio?  Will the lead teachers be on site each session?
  4. How many hours of classroom reading, group assignments and homework is there?
  5. Are all the fees final and fully disclosed?

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